Sure, we like a good taco. We also enjoy learning about the latest trends in our industry. Our luncheons are opportunities to learn and become inspired by some of our industry’s most experienced and heralded professionals.


AAF - Fort Worth luncheons are about more than good food and good company. We use these tasty get-togethers to share our knowledge with each other. Whether it’s an aspiring advertising student or an  experienced professional hoping to learn new tricks, our luncheons curate an environment of learning and growth. They’re also a great place to meet new contacts, reacquaint with old friends, and build a knowledge network that can aid you in your career. To join our latest luncheon, visit our events page.

About AAF - Fort Worth

Connect. Educate. Inspire. Those are the core goals of the American Advertising Federation - Fort Worth. We bring together professionals in advertising and marketing to create a network that will help our industry flourish and shine.

Formerly the Advertising Club of Fort Worth, AAF - FW celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2009. One hundred years of talent, experience, and wisdom have made this historic organization one of the most outstanding places to nurture creativity and professional growth.

We bring in some of the most sought-after speakers in the nation to provide inspiring and educational programs. We serve the community with civic projects, we play, and we provide a forum to recognize the accomplishments of our talented members.

Come be a part of our creative community and cultivate your ever-expanding horizons.


AAF - Fort Worth Board and Contact Information

Executive Administrator

Mindy Connally, AAF - Fort Worth


1st Vice President

Claire Edgar, GCG Marketing

817.332.4600 |

Immediate Past President

Lee Littlefield, Ilfusion

817.658.1463 |

2nd Vice President

Lauren Bogle, LB Productions

806.445.1205 |


Beverly McCombs, The Exchange

817.390.7575 |

District 10 Governor, Benefit Bash Chair

Keith Powell, Fort Worth Key Magazine

817.654.9740 |


Ali Baer, Pavlov

616.610.6123 |


Susan Cook, Cook Creative Consultancy

817.313.1411 |

Presidential Advisor

Elisa Rode, Kearley & Co.

817.870.2717 |

Board Members

Lizz Larsen, Marketing Director

817.291.8356 |

John Mitchell, Skyline Sector 5

214.878.9477 |

Katherine Garner, Schaefer Advertising

817.694.9951 |

Laurel McEuen, Kisabeth Furniture

817.614.7979 |

Kylie Mills, GCG Marketing


JoJo Zavich


Adrienne King, Warren Douglas


AAF - Fort Worth Committees

Want to become more involved with AAF - Fort Worth?

Whether you prefer to volunteer a few minutes of your time or simply want to stay up to date on committee and club activities, AAF - Fort Worth would greatly appreciate your involvement. The AAF - Fort Worth board of directors is divided into 10 committees, each with a different focus.

  • Membership

    This committee does exactly what you would think — grow membership and help communicate all the great benefits of joining AAF. This committee also works with the community to develop partnerships that promote AAF - Fort Worth and increase the number of memberships.

  • Programs

    Interesting, entertaining, informative, and exciting programs are essential to all successful clubs. Time and again, club membership surveys indicate that programs are among the chief reasons members belong to an organization. Good programming fosters an actively interested membership, well-attended meetings, membership growth, and many opportunities for expanded activities. Contact Programs Chair, Kylie Mills, at

  • Education

    No matter where we are in our careers — students to seasoned professionals — we can always learn something new. We hope to help our members grow and inspire each other to achieve our loftiest goals and dreams within the industry. This committee also helps to develop and maintain ideas that continue the education of advertising and business professionals within the local community. 

  • Communications

    We are expert communicators. Easy? Sure. But we all know it takes an effort to communicate your group’s activities to its membership and to the local advertising and marketing community. Contact Communications Chair, Laurel McEuen, at

  • Public Service

    This committee helps match our membership’s talents with opportunities to serve our local nonprofit community. A primary focus of the committee is to plan and conduct media relations for its annual Benefit Bash concert for PMR Charity, an organization that provides medical resources to people in need. 

  • Diversity

    AAF - Fort Worth is committed to addressing the lack of representation of minorities in the area’s advertising industry. The purpose of this committee is to develop and recommend innovative programs to increase the representation of minorities throughout the organization, to create opportunities within the advertising industry, and to provide guidelines for recruitment and retention efforts.

  • Social Activities

    We’re always looking to have some fun, and the social activities committee is on the case. They plan our monthly mixers and other fun events where members and guests can network and maybe enjoy a cocktail. Contact Communications Chair, Katherine Garner at

  • Sponsorships and Fundraising

    Many of our efforts are geared toward raising money — whether it’s for our public service causes, funds dedicated to education efforts, or money to bring in top-notch speakers at our monthly luncheons. This committee works to increase our fundraising efforts through existing event sponsorships or even create a new fundraiser that can serve AAF - Fort Worth and its membership. 

  • Club Management

    Our board members and volunteers spend hundreds of hours planning programs, producing events, performing public service work, and communicating with members and media. The club management committee is in the middle of everything, keeping it all on track. And we document these efforts in annual club achievement reports and submit them to district- and national-level competitions to see how we stack up against other AAF chapters. 

  • Government Relations

    AAF’s tiered structure facilitates the rapid deployment of legislative information both from a national level to the masses, as well as from a local level to Washington. AAF aims to protect the integrity and interests of the advertising industry at all levels by serving as the unified voice of advertising constituents nationwide. 

AAF Regions

AAF Clubs are geographically grouped into 15 districts, which are then grouped into three regions: Western, Central, and Eastern.

AAF - Fort Worth is part of the Tenth District, which is composed of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and western Louisiana. AAF - Tenth District holds one conference each year in September, as well as a convention in April. These meetings are designed to provide professional and club-development learning experiences for everyone who attends. Find out more at


Though AAF - Fort Worth has had a long and impressive history, its purpose remains the same as in the beginning.

On Feb. 19, 1909, 25 Fort Worth men gathered in the Board of Trade rooms at Seventh and Main streets. Their purpose: to organize the Fort Worth Advertising Men’s Club, Texas’ second advertising club and Fort Worth’s first service organization. Members of the newly formed Dallas Ad League, arriving by chartered interurban car, came to assist.

From the beginning, elevating the standards of advertising was a basic purpose of the club. But in its early years, the club was also the city’s leading civic organization. Formulating a plan for the Fort Worth Frontier Centennial celebration, the brainchild of Amon Carter Sr., to upstage the Texas Centennial of 1936 in Dallas became one of the early club’s most impressive projects.

A comprehensive outline of the type and style of observance the club felt were appropriate was drawn up and Billy Rose, hired to stage much of the extravaganza, accepted several of the ideas. Two of the outstanding attractions that resulted were Pioneer Place and Casa Mañana.

During the war years, Ad Club members were mobilized behind various civic, charitable, and patriotic causes, supplying the advertising know-how to sell war bonds, the Red Cross, the War Chest, and many other similar projects. Hardly a patriotic or civic committee was named without one or more members of the Ad Club in a key leadership role.

As time passed and other civic and service groups were formed, the Ad Men’s Club became more a professional advertising group. Reflecting this change, the group became known in 1922 as the Advertising Club of Fort Worth and women were admitted for membership for the first time. The club continued to prosper and in 1959 celebrated its Golden Anniversary with a luncheon honoring its 55 past presidents, many of whom were in attendance.

The 75th anniversary was celebrated in 1984 with a gala event chronicling highlights in the club’s history and leadership.

For 88 years, the Ad Club met every week, one of the few clubs in the AAF to do so. In 1997, the membership voted to change to monthly meetings, which were implemented in January 1998.

In 2007, the club voted to change its name once again to reflect its affiliation with the national organization, and became the American Advertising Federation - Fort Worth. Also in 2007, AAF - Fort Worth initiated a major public service project, dubbed “The Beatles Bash,” to raise funds for charities supporting victims of amputations who needed prosthetic limbs. The event featured a Beatles cover band and profits were donated to the charity. Each year, The Beatles Bash has grown — in attendance, enthusiasm, and money raised.

Today it raises both money and awareness for the charities it supports. To kick off its 100th year, AAF - Fort Worth invited past presidents to a birthday party in February 2009. A new logo was created to honor 100 years and was used for all communications that year. To close out the 100th year, Matthew Weiner, creator of AMC’s “Mad Men” series, keynoted an evening celebrating the advertising profession in general and AAF - Fort Worth in particular.

In 2011, the club hosted the first-ever AAF Central Region Conference, bringing together members of the 84 clubs in five districts and 18 states.

Throughout its history, the club has been represented on the American Advertising Federation’s national board of directors many times. Several members have served as AAF vice presidents. Susan Cook served as chair of AAF’s Central Region, a position that is also part of the executive committee of the national organization. Fort Worth’s club has also been a leader in the AAF Tenth District, and 10 Fort Worth members have served as district governor.

District 10 Governors From AAF - Fort Worth:

  • 1925-26 Amon G. Carter Sr.
  • 1934-35 Paul J. Harmon Sr.
  • 1939-40 Charles Johnson
  • 1943-44 Rowland Broiles
  • 1952-53 Curtis Taulbee
  • 1964-65 B.J. Fescenmeyer
  • 1972-73 Harry G. Ottmann
  • 1978-79 Patrick H. Beckham
  • 1988-89 Jim Stuart
  • 2007-08 Susan Cook