AAF - Fort Worth Policies and Procedures

The following Policies and Procedures have been approved by the AAF - Fort Worth Board of Directors and were implemented following membership approval of the Bylaws on May 18, 2011. In general, the Policies and Procedures are reviewed, revised and affirmed by the Board of Directors each year. Policies and Procedures provide further guidance regarding matters of policy and procedures that may be changed from time to time and do not require approval of the general membership and are, therefore, not specified within the scope of the Bylaws.

Policies and Procedures
American Advertising Federation - Fort Worth

1 Administration

1.1 Executive Committee

1.1.1 Members – President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Immediate Past President, Secretary-Treasurer, Past President Advisor, and Executive Administrator (non-voting)

1.1.2 Responsibilities of each member of the Executive Committee shall be determined by the incoming president prior to the start of each fiscal year.

1.2 Quorum

1.2.1 Three (3) voting members of the Executive Committee shall constitute a quorum for meetings of that group.

1.3 Board of Directors

1.3.1 Members – Officers and directors as described in the AAF - Fort Worth Bylaws.

1.3.2 Meetings – are held each Monday evening prior to the AAF - Fort Worth monthly membership meeting. Meetings may be rescheduled by notice to the board via email or phone.

1.4 Meetings of the Membership

1.4.1 Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of the month at lunchtime

1.4.2 Meetings may be rescheduled by notice to the membership at least 14 days prior to the meeting, unless such rescheduling cannot be avoided due to unforeseen circumstances such as weather.

1.5 Notice of Meetings

1.5.1 Notice shall be given in writing.

1.5.2. “In writing” may be by mail or by email to the address or email address on file with the club office.

1.6 Amending the Bylaws and/or Policies and Procedures

1.6.1 Bylaws may be amended by following the procedures outlined in Article VIII of the Bylaws.

1.6.2 Policies and procedures may be amended by distributing the amendments or alterations to the Policies and Procedures, in writing, to the Board of Directors at least one week in advance of any meeting where they could approve or disapprove such amendments or alterations. A simple majority of Directors present at such meeting shall be required for approval. No further approval is required.

1.6.3 Distribution in writing can mean via US Post Office or email, or in person.

1.7 Club Spokesperson/Representation

1.7.1 Annually, the Executive Committee will determine the official spokesperson or spokespersons for the Club. Only that person or persons will be authorized to speak to the press or to the public on the club’s behalf, unless otherwise specifically authorized by a vote of the board.

1.8 Use of the Club’s Name, Logo, Letterhead, Etc.

1.8.1 While we encourage members to use the club’s name and logo to show their affiliation, neither these items, letterhead or any other device should be used in such a way as to construe that the individual member is representing the club’s views or positions.

2 Membership

2.1 Active Members

There are two types of active memberships in AAF - Fort Worth: Professional members and Executive members. A third type, Corporate Membership, is really a hybrid of the other two (see 2.1.3).

2.1.1 Professional members are members of AAF at the local, Tenth District and national levels. Dues of $185 per year do not include meals.

2.1.2 Executive members are members of AAF at the local, Tenth District and national levels. Dues of $480 per year include meals at regular meetings and two tickets to the American Advertising Awards.

2.1.3 For a $1,000 annual fee, a corporate membership includes one Executive Membership and three Professional Memberships. In addition, when the corporate member supplies a roster of employees and their email addresses, those employees are eligible to attend AAF - FW functions at member rates.

2.2 Education Members

2.2.1 Schools with an AAF Student Chapter are entitled to three Educational Memberships. Schools which do not have a Student AAF Chapter are entitled to one Educational Membership. To be eligible for this privilege, a professor must be a full-time instructor, sponsor of the student AAF Chapter or sponsor of a National Student Advertising Competition team. Educational memberships are equivalent to Professional Memberships

2.2.2 Professors who wish to hold an Education Membership must apply for an Education Membership each year by May 1. Professors who sponsor the student AAF Chapter or NSAC team will be prioritized for this privilege. Other professors may be selected by a vote of the board.

2.2.2 When the number of professors from a single school exceeds the number defined above, additional full time professors or educators may join the organization at half the current cost of a Professional membership.

2.3 Other Memberships

2.3.1 Honorary members. Honorary memberships may be awarded to those persons, whether organization members or not, who have rendered outstanding service to advertising and/or to the community, upon approval of the Board of Directors. These honorary members shall have the same status as holders of professional memberships in perpetuity, except that they will not be members at the district or national level.

2.3.2 Life Members. Life memberships may be awarded to those organization members who have rendered outstanding service to the organization and have reached retirement age (normally 65), upon approval of the Board of Directors. These life members will be awarded a Professional membership in perpetuity, except that they will not be members at the district or national level.

2.4 Membership Roster

2.4.1 The membership roster of AAF - Fort Worth is to be maintained by the Executive Administrator.

3 Organizational Structure

3.1 Chartered in Texas as a 501(c)6 not-for-profit business organization.

3.3 Annually, the club must file a Form 990 as set forth by the State and IRS tax code.

4 Finance

4.1 The fiscal year of the Club is July 1 through June 30.

4.2 Bank Accounts

4.2.1 Transactions under $1000 and within the budget do not require board approval.

4.2.2 Transactions under $1000 and within the budget or specifically authorized by the board may be paid by the Executive Administrator without a second signature.

4.2.3 Two signatures are required on all club transactions exceeding $1000.

4.2.4 At least four current signatures will be on file for all accounts and investments.

4.2.5 Club financial reports will consist of year-to-date budget reports, income statements and balance sheets.

4.3 Investments of the Club

4.3.1 Any investments for the Club should maximize yield while keeping risk to none or minimal, and are purchased by the Executive Administrator or the president under the direction of the Executive Committee.

4.3.2 If the Executive Committee recommends that the club obtain investments that involve a risk, the recommendation should be ratified in a vote by the Board of Directors.

4.3.3 Controls shall be in place to maintain club balances in time deposits within the amount insured by the Federal government.

4.4 Dues

4.4.1 Dues for AAF - Fort Worth are payable annually in the amount of $185 for a Professional Membership, $480 for an Executive Membership, and $1000 for a Corporate Membership.

4.4.2 Dues are payable in advance on the first day of the month during which the member’s anniversary date falls. Dues renew on the existing membership anniversary, regardless of when paid, unless the membership is discontinued for more than six months and no membership benefits have been used during that time. Invoices for membership should be sent to members via email starting 30 days prior to the due date. If a member has not paid dues by the end of the member’s anniversary month, that member forfeits all privileges of membership until their membership and any other outstanding debt is paid in full. When a member does not pay dues by the end of the member’s anniversary month, he or she should receive a letter, via standard email, Cvent, or U.S. mail, notifying him or her of the termination of membership.

4.5 Budgets

4.5.1 The AAF - Fort Worth operating budget is prepared by the incoming Secretary-Treasurer, President and Executive Administrator, approved by the Executive Committee and presented to the full board for final approval at the July board meeting or Board Retreat.

4.6 Reimbursements

4.6.1 Any expenses incurred must be within the budget or specifically approved by the board of directors.

4.6.2 Expenses for club travel will be reimbursed within the following guidelines: Airfare: all efforts should be made to take advantage of early purchase discounts. If a board member chooses to use their personal automobile for club travel, the board member will be reimbursed for mileage at the current allowable tax rate or the lowest available airfare, whichever is lower. Lodging: Hotel expenses and appropriate taxes. Incidental expenses are the responsibility of the board member. Meals are not reimbursed unless specifically authorized in advance. Receipts must be submitted. If less than allotted amount is used; the actual amount is reimbursed. The club will not reimburse alcohol expenses. Taxi/car rental/shuttle: will be reimbursed based on actual expenditure. Receipt must be attached to request. If a board member does not use an airline ticket that has already been purchased by the club, they will be responsible for reimbursing the club for the ticket. (The same applies for non-refundable hotel deposits, etc.)

4.7 The President and one other officer must sign all contracts.

4.8 Audits

4.8.1 Every third year, beginning with 2011, the books of AAF - Fort Worth will be audited by an outside Certified Public Accountant.

4.8.2 The Executive Administrator will prepare the books and arrange for delivery to the auditors (both internal and external) in a timely fashion.

5 Executive Administrator/Club Office

5.1 Executive Administrator

5.1.1 Job Description – The Executive Administrator’s job description should be included as an addendum to these Policies and Procedures.

5.2 Selection/contracting of the Executive Administrator

5.2.1 An Executive Administrator may be retained by the Executive Committee for an indefinite period of time upon confirmation by the Board of Directors at any regular meeting. The Executive Administrator will be an independent contractor who will perform some of the duties of the Secretary-Treasurer and other duties as outlined by the Board of Directors.

5.2.2 Compensation for the Executive Administrator shall be determined as part of the annual budgeting process.

5.3 Termination of the Executive Administrator

The Executive Administrator can be removed from his or her position by recommendation of a majority of the Executive Committee and followed by a majority vote of the Board of Directors ratifying the action. The Executive Committee may suspend any further action by the Executive Administrator pending ratification by the Board of Directors at a regular meeting.

5.4 Maintenance of the Club Office

5.4.1 The club will provide a post office box

5.4.2 The club will provide a club email address.

5.4.3 The Executive Administrator must maintain his or her own office facilities.

5.4.4 The Executive Administrator must provide office equipment, including appropriate computer hardware and software such as databases and email unless otherwise determined by the board of directors

5.4.5 The Executive Administrator shall be covered for potential liability either through Board and Officers insurance or the completion/maintenance of bonding. Bonds or insurance policies will be at the club’s expense.

6 Standing Committees

6.0.1 The following are the standing committees of the American Advertising Federation - Fort Worth. All committee work becomes the property of the American Advertising Federation - Fort Worth.


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