2019 District Online AAA Winners Book Available

The 2019 District Online Winners Book is now available for viewing on the American Advertising Awards page of the District Website. There are links to both the Professional Winners as well as the Student Winners. There is also a link to order duplicate trophies.

View books HERE.

The district winners have moved on to the national competition. National will send out their winners notification via email some time in late May. They will indicate which entries have won but they will not indicate if it won gold or silver. All awards will be announced during the National American Advertising Awards show during ADMERICA held in Hollywood, Florida the night of June 7th at the Diplomat Beach Resort. Individual tickets can be purchased for the show. A listing of all winners will be posted on the national website after the national conference. Event DETAILS


The District judging is conducted in the same way most local judging is conducted. We use a scoring system of 1 – 100. Each entry is judged on it’s own merits and not against others in the same category. Entries must achieve a specific scoring range to receive an award. If no entry in a specific category scores within that range then no award will be awarded in that category. 

Thank everyone who supported their local and district competitions and congratulations to all winners.

Marc Eisenberg
Tenth District 3A's Chair
[email protected]

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