Membership Committee

This committee does exactly what you would think — grow membership and help communicate all the great benefits of joining AAF. This committee also works with the community to develop partnerships that promote AAF - Fort Worth and increase the number of memberships.

Programs Committee

Interesting, entertaining, informative, and exciting programs are essential to all successful clubs. Time and again, club membership surveys indicate that programs are among the chief reasons members belong to an organization. Good programming fosters an actively interested membership, well-attended meetings, membership growth, and many opportunities for expanded activities. Contact Programs Chair, Kylie Mills, at [email protected].

Education Committee

No matter where we are in our careers — students to seasoned professionals — we can always learn something new. We hope to help our members grow and inspire each other to achieve our loftiest goals and dreams within the industry. This committee also helps to develop and maintain ideas that continue the education of advertising and business professionals within the local community. 

Communications Committee

We are expert communicators. Easy? Sure. But we all know it takes an effort to communicate your group’s activities to its membership and to the local advertising and marketing community. Contact Communications Chair, Laurel McEuen, at [email protected].

Public Service Committee

This committee helps match our membership’s talents with opportunities to serve our local nonprofit community. A primary focus of the committee is to plan and conduct media relations for its annual Benefit Bash concert for PMR Charity, an organization that provides medical resources to people in need. 

Diversity Committee

AAF - Fort Worth is committed to addressing the lack of representation of minorities in the area’s advertising industry. The purpose of this committee is to develop and recommend innovative programs to increase the representation of minorities throughout the organization, to create opportunities within the advertising industry, and to provide guidelines for recruitment and retention efforts.

Social Activities Committee

We’re always looking to have some fun, and the social activities committee is on the case. They plan our monthly mixers and other fun events where members and guests can network and maybe enjoy a cocktail. Contact Communications Chair, Katherine Garner at [email protected].

Sponsorships and Fundraising Committee

Many of our efforts are geared toward raising money — whether it’s for our public service causes, funds dedicated to education efforts, or money to bring in top-notch speakers at our monthly luncheons. This committee works to increase our fundraising efforts through existing event sponsorships or even create a new fundraiser that can serve AAF - Fort Worth and its membership. 

Club Management Committee

Our board members and volunteers spend hundreds of hours planning programs, producing events, performing public service work, and communicating with members and media. The club management committee is in the middle of everything, keeping it all on track. And we document these efforts in annual club achievement reports and submit them to district- and national-level competitions to see how we stack up against other AAF chapters. 

Government Relations Committee

AAF’s tiered structure facilitates the rapid deployment of legislative information both from a national level to the masses, as well as from a local level to Washington. AAF aims to protect the integrity and interests of the advertising industry at all levels by serving as the unified voice of advertising constituents nationwide.